Stories that Stay

Places are more than just walls and timber, they are masonry with history.

They are outstanding stories to be read and lived. Each one of our hotels has been authored by its surroundings and history, expressed as a gallery of iconic objects.

Uncover #StoriesThatStay at Avista Grande Phuket Karon Mgallery, where boutique luxury meets Phuket heritage. Our lobby greets you with a traditional Thai ‘Sam-lo’ rickshaw, Ceylon Cha welcome drink and the enchanting beats of the Drum of Fortune. These rituals set the stage for an unforgettable stay and MGallery Stories That Stay.

Inside, the Sino-Portuguese charm of Phuket’s past comes to life. Intricate tiles, showcased throughout the hotel, evoke the island’s rich heritage and create MGallery Stories That Stay. In your room, discover Sino-Portuguese elegance intertwined with Phuket’s tin-mining legacy. Our commitment to #StoriesThatStay ensures your stay is steeped in Phuket’s illustrious history, creating memories as enduring as the heritage that inspires us.

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