Tearapy Lounge

While untamed island exploration may have drawn you to Phuket, there’s always time for a civilized cup of tea in a sophisticated setting. Welcome to TEARAPY Lounge, our library and tea room. Discover tea blends, rituals, and customs that are an integral part of Phuket’s culture. Enjoy a brisk cup of fresh Monsoon Tea with a tasty pastry. Give your self-time to yield a finest selection of Forest-Friendly artisanal Monsoon tea from Northern Thailand.  Allow yourself the luxury of getting lost in a good read and the best afternoon tea in Phuket by far.

Take a well-deserved break at Tearapy Lounge with exuberance of our classic Grande Hight Tea. Inspired by the high society culture of Peranakan community from 18th century. We bring you our Phuket style Afternoon tea. Guest can lay back in the cozy setting of our luxurious arm chair & enjoy a good read next to the library.
Although more we create that memorable moment for you and your loved one to share those special conversations over a quite setting with savory delights.