Laem Phromthep & Viewpoints

Laem Phromthep (แหลมพรหมเทพ), Locally dubbed “Laem Chao”, is located on the southernmost point of the Island. With its breathtaking scenery and beautiful Sunset spot, the cape is one of the most favorite locations for photography among tourists in Phuket. From the edge of the cliff, a line of palm trees inclines downward to the cape’s end, which features rocky reefs where the island, Ko Kaeo Phitsadan, appears at the front. It is also a site of the Laem Phromthep Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse, built on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of King Rama IX’s accession to the throne. The light from the lighthouse can be seen as far as 39 kilometers. Inside the lighthouse is showcased the exhibition about the lighthouse’s construction, keeping standard time, and the calculation and display of the times of the sunrise and sunset. From the top of the lighthouse, visitors can view endless spectacular scenery.